Monday, March 31, 2008

Look Ma, no stamping...

Well, to be fair, if I had a stamp with this quote on it, I would have used it, but I don't, so I made my own. Sort of. I really just printed it out on Papertrey White. Also, I just realized that I did use a stamp. So yeah, nevermind all that "Look Ma" nonsense.

(card details: All cardstock, designer paper, ink and circle stamp by PaperTrey Ink, flower punch by E.K. Success, bling by Swarovski, Cuttlebug "Swiss Dots" embossing folder, circle & scalloped circle by Nestabilities... geez, for such a simple card, there sure is a lot of blah, blah, blah to write).

I could fit 12 on a page, so I made 12 cards, exactly alike. Mostly. Except, of course, I ran out of the right color bling about halfway through, and wound up coloring my second-string bling with my prismacolor markers. (sorry, I have to pause here because "second-string bling" is making me giggle). Let me tell you... I've been hoarding those rhinestones for at least a year, and I swear I heard them cheer when I tore open the package!

My husband never gives me a hard time about the money I spend (although he really should) or the craft crap I accumulate, but he did say to me once, "If you don't use what you buy, you're wasting money AND space." He's RIGHT! So, I'm using more (and buying more) and feeling better about it!

So, does your significant other come up with random statements that help validate your crafting purchases? Or do you find yourself doing the Michael's bag shuffle? I find that if I can assimilate my craft purchases right away, he never notices that there's something new... the benefit of having entirely too much stuff... it's confusing to the eye, which works to my benefit. I'd continue, but I know he reads this, and I can't go giving away all my secrets, now can I?

Monday, March 17, 2008

More exciting news...

Well, it's all over the interwebs now... the new reporter list is up at Craft Critique, and I'm on it! YAY! I'm really excited to be a part of this awesome group. I know I'm going to learn a lot, and hopefully their (our?!) readers will learn a little bit from all my mistakes. I just visited all of the other new reporter's blogs, and wow. WOW! I think I need to kick it up a notch, just to keep up!

I'm looking forward to my assignments; I'll probably cross-post them here, in case you don't read Craft Critique, but really, who doesn't read Craft Critique?! SQUEE! I'm trying to stay cool here, but I'm just thrilled!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi girls,
These are this month's entries to PaperTrey's Guest Star stamper contest. I try to enter every month... we'll see how these go over:

These little charms are made from shrink plastic. I stamped them with Pearl-Ex ink in copper, punched them out with the yellow circle scalloped punch, flipped them over and used five different colors of VersaMagic chalk ink on the back. Then I stuck them in the oven for a while. Usually I'll give shrunk plastic a smack with an acrylic block when they're just out of the oven to flatten them out, but there were too many of these to get to while they were still hot, so I reheated them with Old Milwaukee, and then gave each one a smack. Then I coated the fronts with Ranger Glossy Accents and went to take a nap with Jenny. The end.

This is the same piece as a necklace. In real life, these charms look like beach glass, and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

This is a pendant made from translucent polymer clay (I use Sculpey III). I was struck by inspiration in the baking aisle at Michael's... the form for this pendant was a silicone muffin tray! It made the perfect size to use with the round stamps in the "Shapes By Design" set by Alli Miles. Anyway, after I baked the clay blank, I colored it with prismacolor markers. The alcohol inks react with each other to leave a really cool mottled pattern that looks like polished stone (kinda like azurite, to be exact... I'm a geologist after all...). Then I stamped it with Brilliance Cosmic Copper and let it dry over night.

And a card! I'm irked because I took 763 photos of this card, and the charms that are so cool in real life don't show up as anything special in the picture. Oh well... my mother-in-law will love it, and that's where it's headed!