Friday, February 13, 2009

The Accidental Meatloaf (RECIPE, sort of)

Last night, I accidentally made the very best meatloaf I've ever had. It's a variation of Emilie's Awesome Meatloaf, but, of course I didn't have any of the right ingredients, so I winged it:

Dana's Oh. My. Word. Meatloaf.
1 Pound hamburger
1 pound breakfast sausage (yes, really)
1/2 bag of herb-seasoned stuffing (the crumb stuff that I always buy by mistake at Thanksgiving)
1 can of Progresso Hearty Tomato Soup
1 onion
a handful of mushrooms

Put the hamburger in a bowl. Cut the casings off of the sausage links, remove the sausage from the casings, and add them to the bowl (the links, not the casings... that would be nasty).

Dump 1/2 bag of stuffing into the bowl (I used Pepperidge Farms because it doesn't have milk or eggs in the ingredient list, but you can use whatever)

Put the mushrooms, onion & tomato soup in your food processor, and puree the daylights out of them. Dump the puree into the meat bowl. Mix everything together with your hands. Just get in there and do it, quit being a baby about it.

Throw the mixture into whatever pan you normally use for meatloaf. I actually packed the mixture into a regular-sized muffin pan, and made meatloaf muffins. I did that because it increases the surface area, and more surface area means more outer crust (<--- see that? that's science), and everybody knows that's the best part. I took the extra meatloaf mix and made meatballs, threw them on a cookie sheet, and put them in the oven at the same time as the meatloaf muffins.

Bake @ 350 F for a while. Like 40 minutes maybe? I took the internal temp of one of the muffins and made sure it was at least 160 F so that nobody would keel over and trace it back to me. I let the meat muffins sit for a while because the side dishes weren't ready yet. Story of my life.

Anyway, had I known how moist, tender and delish this meatloaf would be, I totally would have photographed the process like all those super cool food bloggers do.

You'll notice I didn't use eggs. My kid is allergic to eggs. If you want to use eggs, cut back on the soupy liquid puree stuff a little. I guess. Wing it!


Lisa said...

I was just thinking about meatloaf last night. WEIRD coincidence. I'll have to try this with turkey. We don't eat beef. :O( Even though beef is tasty. :O)

R G de Guzman said...

Hi Dana,
I'm always looking for a meatloaf recipe..because my girls don't really like my current easy meatloaf. I will have to try this.

your writing cracks me up.