Monday, October 20, 2008

Back by popular demand...

I did my very first Stamp Camp as a demo on Saturday (I've been a demo for several years, but only ever spent my own money, I had no customers), and by the time I got home (it was only 1 pm) I was completely whooped. Tired, tired, tired & sore. And my feet hurt. But it was fun, and I enjoyed helping people with their projects. I forced my sister to come, and she seemed to like it, and my friend Emilie came, and she REALLY liked it (of course, she REALLY likes a lot of things, she's very enthusiastic, lol!)

Part of doing a stamp camp as a demo is the opportunity to dump sell retired stuff to unsuspecting delighted customers looking for a good deal. Frankly, I was pleased as punch to dump some of the sets that have been sitting around doing NOTHING. In fact, a lot of them weren't even mounted. Tsk, tsk.

ANYWAY, these are the ones I have left... I linked to the SCS gallery of each stamp set, which I'm sure violates some rule or the other, but I'm at work (shhh) and can't take my own photo right now. If the SCS police are reading this, I'm sorry, I didn't know any better, I'll fix it asap. Please don't sue me.

  • I accept paypal, either credit or bank account transfers, I don't care.
  • I ship priority because I'm lazy and don't want to trek to the post office with my kids in tow, but I will ship first class if you ask nicely.
  • I will unmount the sets if you want me to.
  • I will include blocks & cases if you want me to, whatever you want is fine with me.

If you want to purchase any sets, EMAIL me first with the following information:
Name of the set, whether or not you want Priority or First Class shipping, and whether you want the plastic SU box, blocks, no block, just the rubber, whatever.

Here's my email:

PLEASE NOTE: that is not the address I use for paypal; I will send you an invoice once I figure out your shipping cost.

Whew... that's exhausting... here's the list:
Greetings Galore $ 24
Wonderful Woodcuts $12
Polka Dots & Paisley $ 10
Friendship Blooms $10
Very Punny $10
Peace on Earth $18
Lots of Thoughts $12
A Little Bit of Happiness $12
The World Over $12
Def. Decorative Flutterbys $15
Sweet Dreams $18
Heart Art $ 8

Okay, Lisa, are you happy now?!


Emilie Ahern said...

Am I enthusiastic? LOL!
I always refer to myslef as kooky.
But I do really enjoy maybe you're right.

And yes...I abslotutely LOVED my time there! Next time if we have name-tags on I am going to make 75 new best friends. Promise.

Lisa said...

Happy now, yes. Thanks for inquiring. :O)

Sorry I just read this, been crazy w/ stuff this week. Will have to see which I "need"!