Friday, October 24, 2008

We interupt our regularly scheduled program

to bring you this message...

I don't tend to talk about my politics unless directly asked. But, this is MY blog, and I'll talk politics if I want to! As it turns out, I can talk politics AND crafting at the same time. I saw this on the Sew, Mama,Sew blog today, and it blew me away... I'm not a quilt kinda person in general, but this one may change my mind.

I donated to the cause, and if I win this quilt, I'll display it with pride! Many thanks to contemporary American quilt artist Denyse Schmidt for the opportunity!

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huntla1 said...

Okay, so since you brought it up, I will join you. I am less of a quilt person than you, but I have bought a collection of buttons, tee shirts and bumper stickers as well as a lawn sign and general donations. I never do this kind of thing but I swear if I have to spend another 60 seconds of similar politics after W. is out I will have to become a hermit. I cannot stand what has happened to our country. Some would say I am not patriotic. I just say I am smart! Sorry.