Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beware the Ides of March!

Sorry, I couldn't resist... poor Julius Caesar and his salad dressing never had a chance.

I've been a busy craft monkey (which is only slightly different than a crack monkey, I know this because I birthed two crack monkeys), but haven't been photographing much. THE HORROR! I know! Maybe because a couple of my photo lights crapped out on my and now it looks like I've been taking pictures in the basement (which, as it turns out, is true). I can fix only so much in photoshop...

Whatever... here's a project that I whipped up for a little girl who invited Max to her 6th birthday party:

Journal=$.50, frame=$1.00, photo book=$2.00, paper, tape, etc.=$1.00 total cost=$4.50, if that.

One benefit to crappy lighting? The glitter sparkles! Huh. Who knew? All these people complaining about not being able to photograph glitter; it ain't rocket science, just turn off half your lights. There's my public service announcement for the day ;-)


Joan B said...

these are adorable!

MandMStudio said...

So cute:)

Emilie Ahern said...

Can I be like you?

jules p said...

Loved your critique of the ribbon holders. those are pretty neat.

as for the glass jars...i will take 'em. I love glass jars! :)

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