Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tap, tap, tap... is this thing on?

Turns out that when you ignore something on the internet long enough, it still exists. Well, the blog anyway, I don't know if my readers will re-materialize!

So, nothing crafty to show you (although I've been busy, honest), but I wanted to document my family's baby bird rescue, and you all get to watch ;-)

Lexi, our dog, is an Australian Shepherd, and was bred to be a caretaker. She's super gentle with the kids, and has now been responsible for saving two baby animals in our yard. She's six kinds of awesome. Anyway, her latest rescue was this baby robin:

She found it in the yard, gave it a little nudge with her nose, and came to get me immediately (I guess she learned from the time she carried the baby rabbit to me and I was less than thrilled). She's so smart.

I put on my gloves and put it in a bucket before grabbing my camera and the kids.

Adults in the photo are slightly less haggard than they appear:

Thanks to the magic of Google, we determined that the best thing to do was to put it in a basket and hang it on the shady side of the tree. Luckily, I never throw ANYTHING away, and had an old plastic planter just hanging around (pun intended, lol). I added some rocks to the bottom to keep it stable, and put some grass clippings on top, to keep the bird snuggly.

My husband hung it from a reasonably high branch on the north side of the tree that we found the bird under. Hopefully Mama Robin will be back to reclaim our little buddy soon!

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Lisa said...

My Golden is the bloody king of finding things that need rescuing. He's big on pointing out the baby birds that fell out of the nest. We pack em in a shoebox and take them to the emergency vet in the 'hood. They then care for them and transfer them to a bird rescue. I like your idea though, maybe the Momma bird will find their child this way.

Yay Lexi!