Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sew I'm thinking...

maybe I ought to change the name of this blog to "Sewing Science" because that's all I seem to do anymore (or maybe I should say "seam to do" ha ha ha, I slay me).

Anyway, my friend Emilie sews (as well as being a scrapbooking goddess), and got me hooked on Presser Foot. They're having a shirt-dress sew-along based on this tutorial right 'chere.

I had an UGLY (but Lucky Brand, honest!) shirt of mine laying around, so I went to town. Actually, I went to my sewing room.

I started with this:

that's a lot of ugly in one place.

I wound up with this:

and a close-up of sorts:

I'll admit that I cheated on the belt... that's actually a stretchy headband I had that never fit my head. I have a weird head. And never throw anything away. The ugly shirt is WAY cuter as a Jenny dress, but then, anything's cuter with a little Jenny in it ;-)

I've been sewing purses. LOTS of purses. Good ones too. Good enough to sell. So I'm gonna. I'll be putting them up in my Etsy shop shortly (or, you know, whenever I get around to it. Or maybe never. Depends on my mood).

My grandmother's birthday is next week, so I'm bound to stamp something absolutely stunning soon. Really.


Emilie Ahern said...

It is SO DARN CUTE!!!!
And the girl in it too!
You're so cool.

Lisa said...

LOVE the Jenny dress. So cute, really! I wish I could sew.

Can't wait to see the bags in your Etsy shop, be prepared for me to buy one!