Thursday, May 14, 2009

what's this then?

I received a package from PaperTrey Ink today with my "free" "gift with purchase" "anniversary" set. Here's the thing: I didn't realize that I had even bought 12 sets last year, as I had to put the kibash on spending hard last year, and PTI was on the cut list. So, I totally wasn't expecting it, and now I'm happy.

I guess I'm lucky, because there's a debate RAGING on SplitCoast about whether or not we earned the set, or if it's free, or if we paid for it, or what not, and WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO GET HERE?! and guess what. I never even participated in the in the drama (or, really, even knew about the drama), because I didn't think I was getting the set, and now I have the set, and I'm happy.

Happy is good. Happy has been hard for me lately. So I'm all for happy.

I'm so happy that I'll probably stamp something with it tonight. Maybe.

Go find something to make you happy.


Joan said...

You should be happy so glad you got a little surprise. your daughter in that dress you made is adorable. hope the job thing is going ok.

Alex said...

Now thats a nice surprise lol - so did you stamp anything with it??? he he x