Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Copic markers are that damn good...

...so good that they can get me to come back from a blogging hiatus the likes the blogosphere has heretofore never seen. Or something. Anyway, Copic graciously provided me with some of their Ciao markers, and I had a fist-full already, and then I bought some more, and then I wrote this article for Craft Critique.

And in that article, (which you would know if you went there and read it) I said I would post the individual photos I took while doing the coloring for the card I made for my kid, Max.

Here's where I started. Well, not really. But the first couple of photos turned out like crap. Bear with me.

The pictures speak a thousand words, which is good, because I'm tired from all this blogging already ;-)


IamSusie said...

So cute! Great color choices too! These Copic markers really do seem fantastic.

I like crafty blogs with mostly pictures. Amy Sedaris recognizes this preference: "Make it visual so illiterate people can enjoy it too."

Tonje said...

There is so many great things in your blog. Love the dress you made for your cute daughter! And the bag is stunning! I have never tried Copic markers, but I love my Promarkers!