Saturday, January 5, 2008

Testing, testing...

Is this thing on? Yes? Good.

Oh, girl, I know... everyone and their sister has a stamping blog now, but I've not seen one like this. I'm going to apply some good old-fashioned scientific method to solve some of stampers biggest dilemmas (you know, stuff like "What ink should I use with these blasted markers?" or "I can't get my glitter to stick... WHY?!").

Got a question you want answered? Drop me a line in the comments section.

Stay tuned! I'll be facing the ink challenge soon!

1 comment:

Alex said...

oh yes, finally!!!! lol

Hey its soooooo great to see a photo of what you look like seeing as you have been my personal shopper for over six months now!!!! he he

I can't wait to read all your stuff that you will be comparing, you go girl xx