Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby shower goodies...

I co-hosted a baby shower on Saturday, an untraditional baby shower for a VERY untraditional mom-to-be.

Here are a few pics of the favors. I used the Spellbinders Seed Packet die to cut the pieces of kraft paper (I just used a roll of 3M mailing paper) that I printed with the favor info on the front, and seed growing directions on the back. (I thought I took a picture of this, but I guess I didn't ;-(

I cut a bunch of unbleached coffee filters into 6" circles, covered them with water-soluble glue (Elmer's School Gel) and sprinkled wildflower seeds over them.

The next day, I folded up the coffee filters while my husband folded the seed packets. People loved them, and the earth-mothery-mom-to-be was thrilled.

I also handled the flower arrangements: again, I went with non-traditional flowers and colors, and the room looked stunning when everything was in place.



In situ:

(please note, I was not in charge of the cake. ;-)

I have another baby shower THIS weekend... I'll be making the diaper cake!


Anonymous said...

Will the diaper cake be situated to catch any overflow from the chocolate fountain?

Alex said...

Oh Dana these arrangements are gorgeous, wow - wish you could hire yourself over in the UK!!! lol xx

Joan B said...

Wow, you are a fabulous flower arranger. Can't wait to see the diaper cake!