Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can you stand it?!

Look how frequently I'm updating this week... I'm gonna be one of those "must read" blogs in no time!

My Stampin' Up order arrived today. It was just enough to get me out of pending, and hang on for another quarter. I'm looking forward to the new catalog, and have seen a few sneak peaks of some must-have punches. I love punches!

I've been rolling diapers for days (not really... more like 30 minutes, tops), and the cake is nearly ready for prime time. For the flowers, I found the cutest little white buckets in the wedding section of the Dollar Tree (3/$1), so I'm doing 20 tiny arrangements, so each guest can take one. They're gonna be adorable. I'll do them tomorrow.

Fun news... my new friend Emilie and I are going to the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen event that's held here in Delaware (yeah, I know, we're not in PA... I don't get it either). Emilie is a famous scrapbooker, and I love hanging out with her and her kids (and her hubby too, but I see her & the kids more often!)

Okay, I've got 40 thank-you notes to finish for the mom-to-be... and it's not even Saturday yet... I'm WAY ahead of the game!

I'll post pics tomorrow...

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Joan B said...

You are already a must read blog!