Friday, July 11, 2008

Now this is just embarrassing...

It's not like I've not been creating anything... just last night I finished off 42 baby shower invites (my second set in as many weeks, two friends are due within a month of each other!), but I just can't manage to get this blog updated!

My basement craft studio/kids' playroom is THISCLOSE to being done. The walls are drywalled, mudded, sanded, primed, & painted; the flooring is in; the ikea furniture is nearly put together... just waiting for my husband to get off his duff and finish the ceiling (just kidding, dear).

My latest Craft Critique article is up... I had fun with this one!

Okay, starting today, I'm going to do better updating this blog. Really. I mean it this time!

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sarita said...

hi! i just read your critique about juggling! so funny - i got that book at a garage sale probably l5 years ago! i did learn to juggle - and use to embarass my sons at the grocery store - you know oranges are great to juggle! anyway - now i have a grandson - and need to relearn this - so ta dum! there's your critique! i'll be getting the book again to enthrall my grandson! thanks for bringing this book to my mind!