Friday, June 20, 2008

FREE to a good home!

or a mediocre one even... I'll even spring for postage!

Today, I received my latest PaperTrey Ink acquisitions, including the labels from all of last year's sets. If you're a PaperTrey buyer, you know what I'm talking about. Contrary to my husband's belief, I DID NOT buy everything PaperTrey put out last year. Therefore, I have in my possession, the labels for the stamp sets that I DID NOT buy available, first come, first served...

Here's what I have (again, let me make it clear that these are for the LABELS for your cd cases, NOT the stamp sets themselves. Because I don't have them. That's kinda the point...)

Text Boxed (Joan B.)
Borders & Corners- RECTANGLES (Joan B.)
Borders & Corners- HEARTS (Joan B.)
Spooky Sweets (Joan B.)
Holiday Wishes
Piece of Cake (Alex)
Trajan: Monogram Edition
Ambassador: Monogram Edition
Borders & Corners: Monogram Edition
My Punny Valentine
Year-round Puns
Limitless Labels (why didn't I get this one? it's cute!)
Borders & Corners: Monogram Mini

PLEASE NOTE: if you don't already have these sets but are thinking of buying them, YOU DON'T NEED these labels, because now they come with them. This is only for folks who already have the sets, but don't have the newfangled newness.

Leave me a comment on this post if you want any of the above LABELS.


Joan B said...

Hi Dana, would LOVE Text Boxed, Borders & Corners- RECTANGLES
Borders & Corners- HEARTS
Spooky Sweets

thanks, Joan

ps. this is so nice of you have my address?

Alex said...

ooooh wish I had know that before you sent my parcel off!!!! would it be possible to get Piece of Cake label? hugs - whenever it doesn't have to be straight away xx

Alex xx

Deb Neerman said...

Hi Dana: It's me, Sis, again!

I would LOVE to have the labels for:

Trajan Monogram
Borders & Corners
My Punny Valentine
Limitless Labels, and
Borders & Corners Mini.

Course, I perfectly understand if they're no longer available as this is an older post. But, nothin' ventured, nothin' gained, right?!?

Happy to pay for shipping materials and postage!


debkneer at aol dot com