Sunday, June 1, 2008

no stamping, just venting...

I got these awesome stamps from Unity yesterday, and it turns out that they're looking for a new design team member... applications due today of course. I figure since I work best under pressure, I should go for it. And then life got in the way. Not life so much as the fact that even though I had a couple of awesome ideas, and have spent several hours on a couple of projects, I just can't get it together. It's just not working out the way that I want it to. So now I have bits and pieces of my great ideas just sitting around ticking me off. Meh.

The dumb thing is, I really already have plenty on my plate, thank you very much. I need a design team gig like I need another kid. I can't even update this blog more than every couple of weeks. So why am I so bummed?

Oh well... the kids need showers, and I need a drink. Maybe not in that order.

May your mojo be more flowy than mine was today!


Joan B said...


Jozet at Halushki said...

My mojo is okay.

But I think our days have been similar.